So I have a lot to catch up on lately! First things first:

Review - Sam I Am, 99 Glebe Pt Rd

Since I am currently a couch-surfing nomad, on Monday I moved from Bridie’s place to Lucie’s, and to celebrate Lucie and I went out for dinner. Sam I Am has been around since before I left Glebe, but I’m pretty sure the Mexican-themed window decoration (and inside décor also, perhaps) is new. In fact I saw the guy painting it onto the window a couple of weeks ago. 

I’ve never been here before but it always caught my eye - the place seems to be almost permanently open, serving everything from breakfast to late night cocktails. We took advantage of the Monday Night Special - $16 gets you three tacos and a Corona, which is a pretty good deal around these parts! The courtyard is lovely, and has the very cosy, backyard-y feel that cafés in this part of Glebe do so well. The tacos were delicious, but the place was bewilderingly empty except for the two of us until a small group of students came in later on (talking about how they were going to Berlin, which provoked a shared envious grimace from us)… I guess Monday nights just aren’t that busy in most places. Anyway I’d like to check out the upstairs section at a later date, and the friendly waiter told us there’s a bunch of specials on throughout the week, so watch this space!

Review - The Little Guy, 87 Glebe Pt Rd

Dad surprised me with a visit on Sunday evening, and he, Bridie and I went to the delightfully named (and delicious) Bling Bling Dumpling on Broadway for dinner, after which he very generously gave us a bit of money to go have a few drinks somewhere. I’d been eyeing a new joint on Glebe Point Road called ‘The Little Guy’, and was mesmerised by the promise of live music (which they do every Sunday). Cute, petite without being crowded, and with a wonderfully warm atmosphere from the minute you step in the door, this place is really a find. Sunday seems to be the day to be there - $10 Bloody Marys and $5 house spirits, although I ventured into the boutique beers ($8-$12) on offer and wasn’t disappointed. They have a generous range of Australian beers (which up til now I’d been pretty disdainful of as a label), all with intriguing names - I tried the Bright Ale called “Little Creatures” and the Belgian-style Witbier called “Wicked Elf”. Yum!!

The musician played a range of covers, all well-rendered into an original style - “Jolene” in particular got our approval - and kept on playing til a decent hour, especially for a Sunday. And then the bar staff followed it up with The Black Keys on the sound system, so a pretty excellent night musically, all things told. I couldn’t resist getting pictures of various details of the bar all evening, jumping on and off the barstool when I noticed some new quirk. I was also pretty pleased by the practice of providing a bowl of fresh popcorn gratis with the drinks, something I saw a lot of in Athens and wished they would do more often in other places!

Basically if you’re in the Glebe area on a Sunday evening (or any other night for that matter, except Monday when they’re closed), you could do a lot worse than popping in here for a drink or three. Have a chat with the bartenders, take in the distinct Glebe nightlife passing you by on the street outside, and remember the finer things in life: sharing an evening with a good friend over a good beer.