So I have a lot to catch up on lately! First things first:

Review - Sam I Am, 99 Glebe Pt Rd

Since I am currently a couch-surfing nomad, on Monday I moved from Bridie’s place to Lucie’s, and to celebrate Lucie and I went out for dinner. Sam I Am has been around since before I left Glebe, but I’m pretty sure the Mexican-themed window decoration (and inside décor also, perhaps) is new. In fact I saw the guy painting it onto the window a couple of weeks ago. 

I’ve never been here before but it always caught my eye - the place seems to be almost permanently open, serving everything from breakfast to late night cocktails. We took advantage of the Monday Night Special - $16 gets you three tacos and a Corona, which is a pretty good deal around these parts! The courtyard is lovely, and has the very cosy, backyard-y feel that cafés in this part of Glebe do so well. The tacos were delicious, but the place was bewilderingly empty except for the two of us until a small group of students came in later on (talking about how they were going to Berlin, which provoked a shared envious grimace from us)… I guess Monday nights just aren’t that busy in most places. Anyway I’d like to check out the upstairs section at a later date, and the friendly waiter told us there’s a bunch of specials on throughout the week, so watch this space!